An application for self-regulation
to achieve emotional balance
and consciously improve
the quality of life

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Hi there! I'm Maia Manukian, the author of the ĒGOMĒ app.

I am a clinical psychologist and am currently in my third year of training as a bioenergetic psychotherapist at the International Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis, founded by A. Lowen.

I have over 15 years of professional experience in investment banking and entrepreneurial activities. At the same time, I have been seriously interested in psychology all my life.

The idea of creating an app that could help a person in a short time to achieve emotional balance and return to their true self and balance through simple bodily practices came to me when I was at my own psycho-emotional low point.

After a month of downfall, I attended a seminar by renowned psychotherapist and bioenergetic analyst. Waking up the following day, I explored every online platform available, trying to find an app that could help self-regulate and bring the head and body back into balance – the search was unsuccessful.

However, the idea stuck with me firmly. Having enlisted the support of my spouse, I knew it was time to pursue the idea myself. The courage to embark on this fascinating journey led me to the creation of ĒGOMĒ, which I am happy to share with you!

Together with professional therapist Olga De Bacco, we have formed practices that can help a person self-regulate, regardless of location – at home, in the office, in a restaurant, on holiday, etc.

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ĒGOMĒ today:

A tool to consciously improve the quality of life.
A platform for online sessions with the best certified bioenergetic analysis therapists.
LIVE webinars with globally renowned therapists and LIVE classes in mini-groups.

Self-regulation is the ability to live your life with pleasure, making your own decisions.

Our methodology allows mastering your emotions, compensating for external influences, maintaining inner stability, and managing your psycho-emotional state using effective practices in 10-15 minutes.

ĒGOMĒ will always be by your side, helping to bring your emotions into balance and equilibrium at the most crucial moments.

Online consultations

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If you are a certified bioenergetic therapist and are interested in collaborating with the mobile app ĒGOMĒ, please fill in the questionnaire below.

We will contact you within 48 hours to arrange a Zoom call to get to know you better and discuss all the details of our potential collaboration.

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